Welcome to the Contra Costa Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team website.

The information contained in this web site can barely describe the incredible work done by this team. Contra Costa SAR has grown and evolved over the last thirty years.  The team began as a jeep club in the late 60's and has evolved into the highly professional 200+ member search and rescue unit it is today.  Our most important mission is to seek out, find and return missing people to their loved ones.  We do this well but our mission does not stop there.

Last year, the SAR team completed 57 missions and volunteered more than 41,000 hours to the community.  This included 39 in-county missions and 18 out-of-county mutual aid searches.  In the past year, the team assisted 29 different public safety agencies.  These included missing person searches, medical support at community events, crime scene support, as well as logistics and management support at large scale incidents.

We search in Contra Costa County and throughout the State of California.  We have trained searchers that can operate in any environment in California.  We can be called to search on Mt. Diablo or city neighborhoods one day, or at 11,000 feet in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  While all team members are "ground pounders", many of our team members obtain additional training in a number of different specialized disciplines. These include search dogs, technical rescue, tracking, mountain bikes, equestrians, metal detectors as well as mountain rescue. The team has a very dynamic administrative approach to managing the unit. We divide these functions into training, resources, safety, operations, finance, logistics, search management, plans/intel, personnel/recruiting and wilderness divisions.  Each of these divisions have managers that handle the day-to-day operations of each area. Anyone joining the team will have plenty of opportunities to find an area to work in.

Everything that we do is done by volunteers. Our volunteers make up one of the best search and rescue teams in the state. We continue to recruit highly motivated people.  We want you as part of our team.  Click here for more information about joining the Team.

Come and make a difference