Additional Roles

Managing a large, professional search team is like running a small company. Depending on your interests, there are many opportunities to leverage your skills or learn new ones by participating in one or more of these important administrative and support groups.


The Logistics group is always working behind the scenes to make sure that our vehicles are fueled and ready, generators are ready, batteries are charged, supplies are replenished, and all of our critical gear is mission ready. They’re usually the first to arrive and last to leave after a mission.

Information Technology

Running a search requires a lot of technology. Whether we’re in an urban location or out in the remote wilderness, we need to produce and print search maps and missing person flyers, and track field teams with GPS technology. The IT group ensures that our self-contained wireless network and associated computers, printers and other equipment are online and functioning properly.


Whenever we’re on a search, medical support mission or training, it’s crucial from an operations and safety perspective that we have reliable communication between the field teams and the Command Post. The Communications group ensures that we have the equipment, training and ability to efficiently communicate with our teams in the field and with other agencies (mutual aid teams, air operations, law enforcement, etc.) using different radio frequencies.

Fiscal Control

Running our team takes money. The Fiscal Control group manages our budget and keeps track of fundraising and spending activities. As a registered 501(c)(3) organization, they also produce an annual report and required tax forms.


CoCoSAR training is non-stop. The Training group makes sure we have the necessary training and continually hone our “perishable skills” to maintain a high level of mission readiness.

Human Resources

As with any organization, there is always some attrition and we are continually recruiting new team members. The HR group manages new member recruiting to help maintain our optimal team size and ensures that our members meet their ongoing participation requirements.


The website you’re looking at,, is our primary communication tool to inform the public, the media, supporters and prospective team members about our organization. We also have a separate “Team Members Only” website where we manage team business. The Website group is responsible for website management, keeping the content up to date and continually enhancing its functionality.